Dancers United UK is a campaign to improve dancers' rights and working environment within the commercial dance industry. Founded by a committed and experienced group of commercial dancers, Adrian Gas, Bonnie Parsons, Rebbi Rosie and Shannelle Fergus, the aim is to obtain the standard protection that is afforded to other performers in the entertainment world. 

Dancers United UK has joined forces with Equity not only to highlight the benefits of being part of a Union, but to also work together to adapt their services to us. 

Dancers United UK was started because the founders shared the same opinions about what direction our industry is currently heading towards, knowing that there was nothing already in place to stop it deteriorating further. DUUK not only want to address these current issues, but take action to improve the commercial dance industry, and dancer's rights within it. 

There's power in numbers & strength in union. If dancers unite, we WILL make a difference.

It's up to us. 

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