Some of you may have heard about the news regarding dancers' rates being increased for this year's series of X Factor. Dancers United teamed up with Equity and initiated negotiations for a brand new and somewhat exclusive deal with Talk Back Thames (the production company for the show).

This new agreement includes an increase of the show day fee from the previous £250 to £450!! (*Cue applause*)
Also, production day hours have been reduced from 12 to 10 hours and overtime discrepancies cleared up. Dancers on the show are now entitled to Collective Licensing fees; these relate to online catchup services. Before this, dancers had never been acknowledged on this platform. (Please ask your union how this works).

You'll be delighted to know that the above agreement also applies to the next series of Britain's Got Talent :-)

DUUK on Equity Committees
All DUUK members have been elected onto Equity committees. Shannelle and Adrian are on the Screen and New Media Committee and Rebbi is on the Young Members Committee.

The purpose of joining these committees is to push the movement of our campaigns within Equity. As it stands, this includes the X Factor/BGT Agreement, The Music Video Contract Petition within the Screen Committee and educating young dancers through the Young Members Committee.

Following the success of the #ItsUpToUs Launch, we immediately started working on our current campaign that you've probably come across online: #TheMusicVideoContract Petition. We started both an online and paper petition with a goal of 1000 signatures to reach before we initiate the renegotiation of the BPI Contract for Music Videos.

What does BPI mean?
BPI stands for the British Phonographic Institute. They represent British music companies/record labels.

In 1988, Equity and BPI negotiated a contract for music videos. This was updated in 1998 and has remained untouched since.

Dancers United UK were made aware of this contract just over a year ago. We were shocked to hear it even existed and concerned about how out of date it was. It's incredibly important to be working under contracts and this only emphasised the huge lack of them within our industry.

Music videos are an area where dancers seem to be exploited the most. There's a huge amount of instances where dancers are working on these shoots for free, just for exposure (KNOW YOUR WORTH! THIS IS ILLEGAL). You may have seen a couple of our tweets highlighting specific job posts requesting dancers on shoots for major artists for close to nothing and sometimes no fee at all!
With the success of our petition, we hope to enter negotiations for The Music Video Contract in the next few months and improve rates and working conditions for dancers on these shoots.

Currently, we have obtained 865 signatures; if you haven't yet signed, it only takes 2 mins online (and you can do this from your phone). Just click the following link and be a part of the change that is about to come and bring huge benefits to your future as a dancer. 


We will be featured in the next issue of the Equity members magazine, where we talk about why we joined and started campaigning. Be sure to look out for us in it!!

From the team :-)